2014 Spring Recital

This year at our Spring Recital, I decided to ask a friend to take photos.  I just received the photos from her and I love how this group photo turned out!

20140315-_DSC7788 group 1 web2 copy

It was nice knowing that my friend had the photos covered.   I was able to enjoy the recital a lot more this year because I did not have to worry about taking photos myself.  In appreciation for the photographer’s time, I gave her a gift card.

I emailed each parent the group photo and the photos of their student(s).  Here are more photos highlights:

2014 Recital Collage 1 copy2014 Recital Collage 2 copy

Continuing our tradition, I gave each performer a rose afterwards for their performance.  I asked a few parents to bring baked goods to enjoy for the reception after the recital.  I provided table service and a punch bowl.

We had such a blast.  I’m so proud of my students for their hard work!

Check out this blog post for tips for organizing a successful studio recital.

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5 thoughts on “2014 Spring Recital”

  1. The idea of roses is such a lovely one, parents must be charmed and children awoken to understand how flowers can be used for a tribute for both men and women – great!

  2. I love the idea of giving each student a rose! Did you give it to them at the end of the recital or did you present the rose to each student after they played thier piece? Just curious as I would like to try this idea at my recital.

    1. I always present all the roses at the end of the recital. I suppose you could do it individually after each piece, but I think it would take more time that way. I hope your students love it!

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