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iPad App Review & Giveaway: MMF Piano Primer

app MFF piano primerMaking Music Fun’s Piano Primer — $1.99 for iPad only.

Many of you are perhaps familiar with the Making Music Fun website, which contains a variety of free worksheets and sheet music.  MMF created Andrew Fling has recently released his first iPad app, which is essentially a digital version of his Piano Primer PDF.

From within the app, students can read from the 19 pieces of sheet music, listen to recordings of each piece, and easily view a “Note Name/Keyboard Chart.”

MFF piano primer screenshots

A note about the pedagogy of this primer:  It uses the Middle C Reading Approach.  It begins with on-staff note reading with the thumb on C.  In all of the pieces, students play in C position.  Keyboard layout, rhythmic elements (rhythm values and time signatures), staff/keyboard correlation, and fingering are briefly taught during the four-page introduction.

Although I would not use this app as a core method book with a beginner student (due to its pedagogical approach), I do think the pieces from the app have practical use as supplemental pieces.  My only complaints about the app itself is that (1) one cannot print the music from the app, and (2) page numbers are missing.  I plan to download the PDF to my GoodNotes app so that I can conveniently print during the lesson.

I love the idea of having music available for students to play within an app, especially with recordings of the music so readily available within the app.

Disclosure: I received a free download of the MFF app but I was under to obligation to write a positive review.  I always write my honest opinions!  

Andy has offered two promo codes for a giveaway.  Leave a comment on this post to enter — tell me about your Spring Recital plans if you have them!  (My Spring Recital is tomorrow!)  The winner will be randomly drawn on Wednesday, March 19, 2014.

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21 thoughts on “iPad App Review & Giveaway: MMF Piano Primer”

  1. Looks like a fantastic app and I’d love to have it! My Spring Recital isn’t until June but we’re busy preparing already!

  2. My recital is the end of April. We are preparing! I’d love to win the app…the website has a lot of great info and loads of printable music.

  3. My annual Spring Recital is on Mother’s Day Sunday. We have a dress rehearsal on Friday at the local retirement center, and the Sunday recital is at 2pm at our local church sanctuary. I absolutely love having this special gathering of students and mothers….and my husband really likes to have a “pass” for Mother’s Day!!! 😉

  4. My spring recital is in 2 months, and everyone is busy preparing for it. It will be on a Friday night, which is a “first” for me. Most of the students seem to be pleased with the change!

  5. Looking forward to trying this AP. I am having a summer recital this year with each student playing their own original composition.

  6. Joy,
    Thank you for your website posts. I look forward to them each week!
    As for our Spring Recital plans, we are all working on jazz, rag and boogie pieces and are planning to do a BBQ with an outdoor recital in my backyard. I have not completely figured out which keyboard to take outdoors for this event. The students are spoiled with my lovely grand pianos but it will be a fun change to stir things up a bit!

    Thank you,
    Renee’ Seehausen

  7. Joy, you mention the GoodNotes app. Can you say more about this, or, if you have already reviewed it let me know and I will search your site? Thanks.

  8. My recital is the last Sunday in April. Been working hard on their pieces. Having a group class next week to practice performing their pieces in front of other people.

  9. I always plan my spring recital in early May in our church sanctuary. Would love to win a new App:)

  10. My spring recital is coming up, too. I try to avoid late May/early June because of the busyness. It’s going to be at a local church where I teach, so that is convenient. 🙂

  11. Looks like a great app! My Spring recital is still a bit away since we are far from spring here in Chicagoland!! Besides the usual, I’m getting several of my students together to dress up and act out Beethoven’s Six Variations on a Swiss Folk Song while myself and my top student take turns playing the variations. The parents are going to love it!

  12. I was getting all my thoughts together for a spring recital last week when I found out that my house is going to sell within the month and I’ll (finally…and due to husband’s job) be moving 2 hours away. Plans have now shifted to a meet & greet with some friends who will be acquiring my current students when I move.

  13. We will have a themed recital in June at a local school. The kids seem to love doing different themes each year. I also give a “final exam” that includes easy music questions and silly questions.

  14. This app looks fun, and I definitely make use of MMF’s site pretty regularly. I am planning for my spring recital right now – it’s on Friday! I always like to get it out of the way before spring break, before everyone’s schedules get too crazy.

  15. We are having our spring recital at our local Good Samaritan Society in April. We chose a new venue this year that will also make a great opportunity to entertain some of the residents while showcasing my students’ progress to their families.

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