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March 2014 Piano Party: Master Class

My students are currently preparing pieces for a local Ribbon Festival as well as my studio’s annual recital.  (I always hold my Spring recital in March or April — I think May gets too busy!)

In order to help prepare them for these events, I decided to ask my friend, Loretta, to give a master class for my students during our “Piano Party” group class this month.  Loretta and I became friends during grad school while earning our pedagogy degrees.  She currently runs a multi-teacher studio in Lansing, Michigan.

Loretta loved the idea and asked if I would give a master class for her students in return.  It turned out to be a great exchange and a very positive experience for all of our students!

Here is a group photo of me with some of Loretta’s students after our master class:


Loretta was able to use a room with a lovely piano at her church.  The students’ parents were invited to attend.  Afterwards, a couple parents told me how much they enjoyed it and how they even managed to learn a few new things about music!

And here is a photo of Loretta working with one of my students last Saturday:


My students LOVED working with Miss Loretta!  They have had nothing put positive things to say during their lessons this week regarding their experience last Saturday.   Miss Loretta’s comments and suggestions definitely made an impact on each of them.


I am seriously considering having a master class be an annual event in my studio.  Each year, I could ask a different teacher to give the master class.  In return for their time, I would either give them a gift card as a thank-you gift or offer to give a master class for their students in return.  Next year, I will consider using a church or other location so that parents can attend.

What ways have you found to collaborate with other piano teachers in your area?

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5 thoughts on “March 2014 Piano Party: Master Class”

  1. What a great idea! This year I’m holding my own “Festival Workshop” . My students are preparing for their performances on March 23. I have hired a local teacher who used to be an RCM examiner and has a wonderful way with children, to be the adjudicator and workshop leader. Everyone is looking forward to it – and I’m sure will learn a lot.

  2. I love the Master class idea! ????????
    Where could I find other teachers willing to do this? I live near Atlanta! Your ideas and having the contacts is great! Thanks!!

    1. Debbie, is there a local music teachers’ association in your area? Or perhaps you could email some of the piano teachers in your area and take them out to lunch just to get acquainted? Just a couple of ideas!

    2. I live in Marietta, just outside of Atlanta. Would love to connect with Debbie that just posted….:) LOVE the Master class idea!!!

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