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Field Trip to the Faber Piano Institute

Did you know that the authors of the Piano Adventures method, Nancy and Randall Faber, live in Ann Arbor, Michigan?  Did you know that the Faber Piano Institute in Ann Arbor is only an hour away from where I live?!

My local MTNA chapter, the Wood-Ottawa Counties OhioMTA, organized a field trip for us to visit the Faber Piano Institute last Friday.  We had a fantastic time.  The Fabers and their staff were most welcoming and hospitable.


The Faber Piano Institute is located in a building that previously was a library.  They created smaller rooms for teaching studios in one half of the building.  There are around seven teachers who give lessons at the Faber Piano Institute. 


This larger room has digital pianos for group classes.


This is the room where the video editing takes place!  Check out to view some of their fantastic teaching videos, and also check out the Teacher Guide for the Primer Level Piano Adventures which includes a great DVD full of teaching videos.


This larger room serves as a recital hall.  The Fabers gave a wonderful presentation for us in this room.


Here is a photo of our MTNA chapter with the Fabers.


We were so impressed with the facility but most of all with the Fabers’ very evident dedication and passion for serving piano students and teachers.  We were thankful for the Fabers generosity with their time and resources on Friday.  I am looking forward to seeing them again next month at the 2014 MTNA Conference!

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