SightReadPlus and SightReadMinor app giveaway

bg-1-273140Just a reminder: Don’t forget that last week’s giveaway for the NoteWorks app ends tonight at midnight.  Even if you already own the app, feel free to enter anyway — if you win, you can give the promo code to a deserving student!

I have a couple of new giveaways planned for this week.

Today, you can leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a free promo code for the SightReadPlus or SightReadMinor apps for iPad!  If you aren’t familiar with these two apps, please check out my review here.

I love reading your comments as they come in for giveaways.  🙂  This time, please tell me about your (non-music related) Thanksgiving plans or about what you are especially thankful for this year!  Deadline: Enter by November 17, 2013 at midnight EST.

Again, please feel free to enter the giveaway even if you already own one or both apps, or even if you do not own an iPad.  If you win, you can give the promo code to a deserving student who has an iPad.

Thanks goes to the developer, Melissa, for offering these two promo codes for the giveaway!

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29 thoughts on “SightReadPlus and SightReadMinor app giveaway”

  1. As we have done for the past 20 years, we will head to my husband’s parents house for lovely dinner. And as to be expected from 2 piano teachers (my mother-in-law and I) and a vocal performance major (my daughter), there will lots of playing the piano and singing!

  2. I am thankful for bloggers like you that share your wonderful teaching ideas with us. It makes our job so much easier and oh so much more fun! Thank you!

  3. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over in Scotland but it is my birthday next weekend so I will be celebrating by heading to London for the weekend.
    But this year I am really most thankful for the great parents of piano students that I have. I have a great bunch who are keen to help with practising, etc, which is fantastic!
    Both these apps are ones that have been on my wishlist for christmas!

  4. We are having dinner with my in-laws and just enjoying a relaxing day full of yummy foods. 🙂 I am thankful for time coming up that is spent with family! Love this time of year!

  5. My husband and I are traveling across Pennsylvania to spend time with both of our families in Pittsburgh! I’m looking forward to meeting my new niece for the first time!

    Thanks for yet another opportunity to win a new teaching tool!

  6. Thanksgiving is not celebrated where I live or is part of my culture. However, I am always thankful that I have health, love, family, job and freedom of choice — that is good enough to celebrate all the time!

  7. Spending Thanksgiving with all of my siblings and their families! I am especially thankful to have another Thanksgiving with my sister. She is battling ovarian cancer. Everyday is a gift!

  8. We will be traveling to spend Thanksgiving with our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. What wonderful blessings families are! And the freedom we enjoy in our fantastic country is one of the best blessings ever!

  9. I am especially thankful this year for teaching opportunities and for the chance to make a difference in the lives of many people- students and parents alike.

  10. We will be traveling to TX to spend Thanksgiving with 2 of our sons and their families. Will also be attending Great Friends Day with our nine year old grandson at his school on Tuesday before Thanksgiving! I’m so grateful for each piano student that comes my way!

  11. We will travel to see family so they can enjoy the weekend with their only grand child – my little one year old girl! Holidays are so fun with a child in the house now 🙂 I’m so grateful I can teach in my home piano studio with a full roster of students while spending mornings and afternoons being a mother! Love it!

  12. Every year we spend Thanksgiving with family. This year we will spend time in Wisconsin with my in-laws and families. We enjoy wonderful times around the table and around the football games and parades. We even go to a Christmas Lights parade on Friday night. It is a wonderful time remembering what we are thankful for and spending quality family time together.

  13. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but I’m so thankful to all the wonderful bloggers out there who are willing to share their knowledge and teaching tips. This has been most helpful for my first year of full-time piano teaching. I’m also thankful for all the wonderful students I’ve gained this year, my studio has really grown and it’s been very exciting.

  14. For the first time in years, we are staying home for Thanksgiving. Our daughter and her husband, our son and other family members are coming over. A new thing for me will be preparing most of the food myself!

    I’m thankful for your blog and the resources you share with all of us! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

  15. I am especially thankful for a warm place to live and teach, and never having a shortage of food. Living in India I am always in close quarters with those who just scrape by, and especially with the weather cooling down, there are so many people who don’t have shelter and have to sleep outdoors in the cold. (But hubby and I are going to distribute as many blankets as we can, so we hope to make a tiny difference!) We all have so many blessings, but I think sometimes we forget that the ones we think are the most basic – food and shelter – are the ones that thousands of people have to go without.

  16. We will have 30+ guests (mostly family) at our home for Thanksgiving. We eat under several huge oaks in our backyard.

  17. This year I am thankful as I reflect on how supportive and wise my parents (who are both now past away) were of me and my musical ambitions. I have musical friends who never were allowed, let alone encouraged to follow a musical career.

  18. Hi,
    My studio just finished our “Pseudo-Name Recital” for Halloween. The students get very excited being able to wear their costumes and make up a false name for the program. Now we are doing a review of basics and I have found so many sheets from your site! Thank you so much for what you do and the many ideas that piano teachers can get from your site!

    Shirley Cadle

  19. Thanksgiving time thoughts for 2013 even surprised me! I set the stage for the students and myself to enjoy the week’s vacation from piano lessons by getting pieces planned, picked, ordered for the early festivals in the spring now; cancelled one performance (we were not ready anyway); ordered hot chocolate for all the students for next week; got out the popcorn bags to fill for my wonderful students. Popcorn and practice go so well together. And the best of the best—I invited my 80ish neighbor to her favorite Thanksgiving Dinner at the Fairgrounds. Pick up and delivery included, she can relax and enjoy a very special time on that lovely day of Thanksgiving! This year I decided to let peace settle the pace and plans!

  20. We are getting together with another big family we know, which is a Thanksgiving tradition. 🙂

    I am so thankful for my family, my wonderful parents, and my church family. I am thankful most of all that God gave His only son to die on a cross so that anyone who believes in Him can have eternal life in Heaven. I don’t deserve His free gift at all, and yet He is still faithful. 🙂

  21. I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year and am thankful for my family, my students, the gift of music and for so much more! I’m also thankful for the generosity of so many teachers for blogging and sharing their expertise. I have an iPad and love using sightreadPlus Major. I haven’t purchased minor yet, and would love to win it! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

  22. We will be participating in a Turkey Bowl (flag football game) between my son’s HS football team and parents/coaches Thanksgiving morning, then family, food & football afterward :). Wishing you a great Thanksgiving!

  23. Thanksgiving is in October in Canada, but I wish my American friends a Blessed Thanksgiving. I am especially grateful for the good health of my family & for all my friends – online, at church, or in my personal life.

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