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Aug 2013 Giveaway: SightReadMinor app for iPad

mzl.kzclobbb.480x480-75Remember my review for the SightReadPlus app for iPad?  Well, here is an update:

I’ve been using it here-and-there with students during lessons with great success.  I love being about to choose the key and make the student have to really think about the various key signatures.  As I mentioned in the previous review, I appreciate that the app keeps the student accountable to the beat so the student does not feel it is an option to stop playing if they make a mistake.

I’ve also recommended SightReadPlus to a few of my adult students, who love that fact that the app shows them how well they did — both with the pitches and the rhythm.  It’s like having your teacher at home with you when you practice!  I have really been impressed with the usefulness of SightReadPlus.

Good news — The developers behind SightReadPlus have just released a sequel: the SightReadMinor app.  SightReadMinor works much the same way as SightReadPlus, but it contains 2880 short exercises in all minor keys for $4.99 (SightReadPlus contains 4800 short exercises in all major keys for $7.99).

More good news — The developers have also offered two promo codes of SightReadMinor for a giveaway!  In order to enter the giveaway, please leave a comment on this post about how your Fall studio planning is going.  🙂  A winner will be randomly chosen after Midnight EST on Thursday, August 15 and announced the next day.

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39 thoughts on “Aug 2013 Giveaway: SightReadMinor app for iPad”

  1. Hi Joy! My fall planning is slow but steady! It’s difficult because I teach throughout the summer (besides a couple vacation weeks), so I never have more than a few hours at a time to devote to “planning.” There’s so much that I want to implement… I hope that I’m able to get to everything before the school year starts! Thanks for always sharing your great ideas and the great apps you find!

  2. I did fall planning throughout the summer so it’s mostly done. I just sent out a big information email to all my students. I’m ready for fall! (and I would love either one of these apps.)

  3. Thank you, Joy, for all of your wonderful resources! You have helped me so much to stay organized & love to try new things with my piano & vocal students! Fall planning is a constant process as I teach full time year around. Using my iPad in the studio has been such a success with students! Always looking for ways to keep students engaged in the learning process & keeping things fun at the same time! These apps would be fantastic! So thank you!

  4. Hi Joy! Fall schedule is finished, except for interviewing a few new students. I will be holding my “Ice Cream and Goals” group lessons the week of August 19, which is the first day of school for most students in our area. I’ll be using “This Is Your Brain On Music” from Jen Fink’s Pianimation Blog as my studio incentive this year. BTW — I used your “Ice Cream Intervals” this week in our annual “Piano Throwdown” competition. The kids loved it!

    1. LOL — got caught up in my fall plans and forgot to mention this app! I LOVE SightReadPlus and use it often with students in lessons. It’s one of just a handful of apps that will allow you to log individual student’s records by name. Perfect timing for the new release with minor keys.

  5. Planning is pretty much done since I start teaching next week. But I just happen to be (finally) getting an iPad tomorrow so this would be perfect!

  6. love using apps that are recommended by other teachers!! Just starting my fall planning ~ making the schedule is the most demanding part of teaching, I think.

  7. I bought the original version a month or so ago after reading about it and was just working through it the other day while preparing my lesson plans for fall- it’s a terrific resource! It really hadn’t occurred to me that it didn’t have minor examples- this new app would be a great addition! By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed your podcast interview this week!

  8. Fall planning — doing it now & I’m rather in the weeds with the schedule, my least favorite task of the year. It’s funny how you can think you’ll have so many leave the studio at the end of the year, but then re-enrollment comes up for fall and suddenly everything’s all full & booked out. I would love to enter for your app giveaway — these would be great to add to the curriculum! Thanks!

  9. I’m super excited about this app because it fits in perfectly with my fall planning. I’d love to win it. I’ll be doing a huge sight-reading focus with my students this school year to help build their reading skills. In general, I’ve been poking around my fall planning all summer long, but this has been the week of accomplishment where I’ve finally put all the pieces together – and it feels GOOD! Just a few small details left, including final plans for group lessons. Joy, thanks so much for your constant flow of ideas – it’s great to have teachers like you sharing ideas for when my brain gets sluggish!

  10. Fall schedule is done and most of my planning is complete. I purchased SightReadPlus a few weeks ago and have had the chance to “play” with it and test it on a few students. It will be a very useful tool in my studio. I would love to have the minor edition also! My students love the iPad apps!

  11. My fall lesson-planning is going well- more students to fit in, which is a joy! I’m so excited about starting brand new kiddos and continuing others and celebrating their successes!

  12. Just about done. Lessons start this coming Monday, the 12th. Have some new students this year which should keep me on my toes.

  13. My fall studio planning is mostly incomplete, still waiting on schedule information from many students. I am excited to be planning for teaching exclusively from a studio space 2 blocks from where I live, and not being a traveling teacher anymore after next week!

  14. All but 2 of my 55 students are scheduled. I have only got one 45-minute slot remaining plus some room in a couple of group classes. I try to have 90% of my students scheduled by the first week of June. Picked up an Alfred order on Wednesday & am waiting for a Prima order next week.

  15. Nothing special to be planned as individual plans would be continuing. However going to have a very busy time as November/December exams are very popular here in UK and quite a few of my students are getting ready.

  16. Here “Down under” we are planning for Spring!!! But I have loads of wonderful Music and movement activities starting then. I plan to focus on “internalizing the beat” this season!!!! So many mature aged students have no training when they are young and this leads to slow progress no matter how many lesson you have had in the past.

  17. Also Joy you would be welcome to access my free resources, and share them with others if you think worthwhile.
    The website is being updated and soon will have resources to help teachers with Intellectually Challenged students too- which I am trying to promote.

  18. Fall scheduling is slow here. My parents sign up for an open slot and know that the sports schedule is not available yet. In the first few weeks of Fall we will try many different combinations of changes to finally settle on set times. So goes it… I really like this Sight Radin App. Like others, I didn’t realize the minor keys were missing. I would really like to have the new version.

  19. I am about halfway there for fall. Trying yo use more technology in the studio this year and will be doing digital assignments this year. Excited for the year to begin!

  20. My fall studio planning is going VERY slowly. Many of my students are around the same age so they all want the same time of day! It is hard to spread them out. But so far I am having better luck with scheduling this year than I did last year, so that’s a plus.

  21. My fall planning is in transition. I moved from one studio to working for a school. I have been thinking that an ipad with the apps may be the way to go, since I teach in many locations. Thank you for the reviews you have given!

  22. Most of my fall plans are still in my head but I have been checking out a few of the iPad apps you have suggested and so far have been pleased. Thanks for all you share. Rebecca

  23. Fall planning is going well, in the scheduling phase at the moment. Just purchased an iPad and moosic studio app so that is my next project. Hope to learn more about apps to use in teaching too! Very exciting fall planning!

  24. Fall planning is coming along. I really like the sightreadplus app and plan to use it with students this year. I would love to have the minor version also. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

  25. Thanks for posting this, Joy. I went to the app store to see what SightReadPlus app was and bought it! I’m loving Moosic Studio and am planning to use it for the 2nd year. It helps me be organized and make lesson plans that are loose enough for alterations if I see a need. This year I won’t have to create a new assignment sheet because the Moosic Studio assignment sheets are so great. I’ve been reorganizing all my iPad music teaching apps into folders, so now I have folders for Note Reading, Sightreading, Music Theory (includes ear training, Rhythm, and Games. Those folders are across the top of one of my app pages, so it will be easy to take an app from 2 or 3 of those folders for quick review. The apps were individually all over my iPad pages, so this will be a big improvement and time saver. Summer Reading for me: Nancy O’Neill Breth’s book on Practicing, Deborah Rambo Sinn’s “Playing Beyond The Notes, Philip Johnston’s “The Dynamic STudio.” Next is putting away piles and piles of music into place. . . it should all get done by September 9th!

  26. I am just about to tackle scheduling – my least favorite time of the year! With so many high school students involved in sports, I find scheduling nearly impossible. 🙁 I have been browsing blogs and pinterest for new ideas to spice up my studio. Love using apps on my iPad, and of course, so do my students!

  27. I am always looking out for good Music Apps to enhance my students’s learning. Some of my students refuse to stop ‘playing’ even though it’s time to leave at the end of their lessons. Scheduling this year is a joy as I have more students and look forward to teaching them.

  28. I have been using the original Sight Read Plus and my students really look forward to it every lesson. Seems sight reading from the iPad is not as scary to them as the traditional old-fashioned (?) sight reading from books. Interesting to see that.

  29. I just started back for the fall semester today, but still have much more planning to do! I have a new assignment sheet for my students to use this year, and I’m working on revising and improving my incentive program. I just got an iPad passed down to me from my sister over the summer, so I’m looking forward to finding ways to use it this year in my studio!

  30. Well….it’s going! I’ve gotten my policies all updated, informed parents of the date of the fall recital and now awaiting the responses of parents to find out what day/time will work for their child’s lesson!

  31. I am in the middle of getting all ready for fall and students starting. My students start next week. I am focusing on goals and practice goals for this year with my students and am changing some things up. I love using my ipad during lessons and would love to try out this game!! My students love it too! Thanks for your website and all you do. I love it and check it often!

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