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Fingerplay Puppets

Thanks to Pinterest, I recently came across a blogger who designed some charming little finger puppets to go along with a few fingerplay songs she enjoys singing with her son!  Her name is Kate, from the picklebums.com blog, and she generously offers each of the printables pictured below for free.  I assembled a set of her beautiful finger puppets for my 4-year-old nephew as a birthday gift last month, and made myself a set, too, to use with my Piano Readiness class.

One of my all-time favorite fingerplays ever is Five Little Speckled Frogs (click for link to Kate’s puppet printable).  I discovered this fingerplay during an Early Childhood Music course I took during graduate school.

After cutting out each frog, I laminated them too.  Aren’t these puppets adorable?!

I glued a circle of 3/8 inch elastic to the back of each puppet using strong craft glue.

Here are her Five Little Ducks puppets.

I also love the Five Golden Autumn Leaves puppets she shares.  I had never heard this fingerplay before, but I love it and so does my nephew!

The last one is Three Jellyfish puppets.  Kate curled her jellyfish tentacles, but since mine are laminated them I left them straight and just cut them apart.

Do you have any favorite fingerplays?  🙂

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