September Blog Roundup

I haven’t posted a blog roundup in quite awhile!  Here are a few new blogs I have stumbled across recently:

Suzanne from the Hilton Music Studio blog shares lots of great teaching and organizational ideas.  Definitely take a moment to check out her blog:

The Bulletproof Musician is a website about performing effectively, overcoming stage fright, etc.  Dr. Noa Kageyama maintains a blog and offers an online class about these topics — and also has a great, free eBook called “Practice Hacks” available for download.

I recently discovered that Lori Bastien (daughter of Jane Bastien) has been blogging for a number of years here.  She shares video clips from lessons and lots of photos.


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3 thoughts on “September Blog Roundup”

  1. Thanks Joy! I happen to just LOVE your ideas….your DIY keyboard that I just made last weekend is a HUGE hit- my students only want to use this one–no more paper printouts for us!

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