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Yesterday, I posted a new Forum Q&A post about organization.  If you are the kind of teacher who enjoys using games and props during lessons, it’s not easy to find a system for storing and organizing everything!  I’m always on the look-out for better ways to stay organized.

Here’s a picture of my current system:

My local office supply store sells these clear portfolios.  They aren’t cheap, but I love being able to see everything inside the pockets at a glance!  One time, I happened to find some of these portfolios at a dollar store, so I stocked up.

(Pictured: Music Motor MatchRainy Rhythm gamePiano Finger Twister)

These portfolios are made in all kinds of sizes and colors.

(Pictured: Rhythm Value Cards)

Currently, I just keep these portfolios stacked on top of each other in a drawer, with other props nearby:

(Pictured, going counter-clockwise: Rhythm Cards stored in small zipper bags, Musical AlphaGems, spinners, balls for hand shape, Mozart Mouse/Beethoven Bear, DIY Silent Keyboards, and Piano Finger Twister.) 

The only bad thing about my system is that this drawer isn’t very close to where I sit when I teach.  I do keep a few things near me in my filing cabinet (like glass gems to play the Amazing Keyboard Race).  But unless I plan ahead, I have to go across the room to fetch the game I need during the lesson.  It’s not ideal, but it works okay for me!

Please don’t forget to share about your organizational system by commenting on this post.  I love all the comments shared so far — keep ’em coming!

Update: Here is a more recent blog post about game organization.  

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4 thoughts on “Game Materials Organization”

  1. I wish I had a better organizational system too. Right now I carry everything in a large case. I go to a school during the day and a studio after regular school hours, so altogether I teach in four different rooms during the week. Not to mention I have a few students here and there at my home as well. So unfortunately I have to have everything ready for on the go.

    I usually do lesson plans, or at least have an idea, so that I can be better prepared. Regardless, I can’t fit everything comfortably in my bag (and it’s HUGE), and there are always student’s that will have trouble in a certain spot and a particular prop or game would help SO much – and it’ll be one that I don’t have with me. *sigh*

    The organizational system I do have is just plain ziplock baggies. I do need to work on this, b/c there has to be a better way!

  2. When our daughter was in college search mode, we bought a large accordion folder with 26+ sleeves to hold all the college brochures. I now use this to organize all my games! The folder has a flap that locks in place and has a carrying handle on top. $13 at Walmart. It sits right beside my music cabinet so I can grab it when needed. I use either plastic sheet protectors or zip lock bags and file the games alphabetically.

    I also have a 3″ binder where I keep all my writeon/wipe off worksheets, etc. already in plastic sheet protectors. Right now I just flip through to find what I need. But, I am planning to use dividers so I can organize all these by topic to save more time.

    Thanks for getting us thinking about better organization!

  3. I use the “really useful boxes’. They come in multiple shapes, sizes and colours, they’re air tight and they stack. They do a great playing card sized box which is perfect for keeping all my flashcards in as well as really large ones for filing music.

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