MTNA 2012 Conference | Wrap-Up Post

Whew!  After that blast of posts today, I am finished posting my conference notes from the recent MTNA National Conference in NYC!

During the conference, I ate lunch a few times with Natalie Wickham and her friends, as well as with Sheryl Welles and her friend Becky, and Jennifer Fink too!  I also had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer FoxxChad Twedt, and Shauna Leavitt (who I interviewed for a Teacher Feature in this post!).  I saw some other friends too, who aren’t bloggers.  🙂  (You know who you are!)  It was so wonderful to re-connect with all these wonderful folks, and to meet new people too.

Here’s a picture of my roommate Hazel, composer Carolyn Setliff, and I, after a fun evening at Carnegie Hall for the live radio broadcast of “From The Top!”

I came home with a heavy bag filled with free music worth about $175!  Here’s a picture of the loot:

It was a wonderful conference.  I’m already looking forward to the next one!


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3 thoughts on “MTNA 2012 Conference | Wrap-Up Post”

  1. Hi Joy! I was wondering if you can give me some preview because I will be going to my first MTNA conference in 2013. I was wondering if you have been to the conference gala before and what it is like? Would it be better to attend everything that is offered? Thanks!!

    1. I have not attended the gala before. My impression is that it is mostly for teachers receiving awards (such as the 50-year member award). 🙂 I’m glad you are attending the next MTNA conference! I decided I couldn’t afford both MTNA and the NCKP for 2013, so I chose the latter because it is closer and easier for me to get to. You are going to have a blast – MTNA is such a great conference!

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