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MTNA 2012 Conference | Getting Started With Online Marketing

On Monday of the conference, I attended the Faber Exhibitor Showcase and the Keynote Address given by the wonderful Benjamin Zander!  Natalie has already posted notes on these sessions that are very similar to mine, so I’ll let you read her summaries here and here.

The next session I attended was given by the MTNA Collegiate Chapter at Butler University called:

Getting Started With Online Marketing

The presenters began by stating: “First impressions are everything!”  Nowadays, that first impression is often online.  We need a good first impression so that it will turn into a phone call. 

The Butler University chapter recently conducted a survey about marketing and found that many music teachers are familiar with using technology and social media such as email, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.  However, the same people are not using these same services that they are familiar with for business purposes.  Why is that?

There are many reasons/excuses to not market online, but there are also many great reasons to start!  It gives a professional image, helps establish credibility, increases visibility, increases enrollment retention rate, and helps with recruitment too.

Next, the presenters covered some basic principles for marketing.  You can view their handout online here at  First they discussed defining your business, then they discussed the five P’s of marketing, then doing a SWOT analysis, and finally they discussed defining objectives and developing strategies.

After discussing those basic principles about marketing, the presenters talked about the tools for marketing: setting up a website, using social media, utilizing YouTube, and more.

To close the session, the presenters showed four examples of piano teachers and musicians who have nice websites and are utilizing social media in an effective manner for their business.  (See their excellent handout for more the full details.)

This session was a very informative and complete discussion of online marketing!  I enjoyed the presenters thoughtful work and the great handout too.

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