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My New Laminator

Just wanted to show off a picture of my new laminator today…

I bought it a couple of weeks ago for $15 at Aldi, believe it or not!  At that price, I figured it was worth trying out.  I’ve been so happy with it and have been laminating a lot of my games and flashcards.

I am off to NYC for the MTNA conference very soon!!  I am very excited.  I will be taking off from blogging for most of next week, but when I return I will have lots of conference notes and photos to share!  I’m also looking forward to meeting some of the other piano teacher bloggers who are going.

Happy weekend!

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8 thoughts on “My New Laminator”

  1. I have that exact laminator. It’s fantastic. I loved it so much that I used all of the big pouches – this might sound silly, but I’m *assuming* you can just use any brand of laminating pouches with this. They don’t carry the pouches at ALDI very frequently. Any recommendations on brands for refills?

  2. One note of caution with the laminator. I was so excited when I first got mine that I laminated everything in sight. Then I realized that, after watching the kids try my new games for the first time, some revisions needed to be made. I couldn’t change anything by hand on the laminated game boards, so I had to throw them away, reprint & re-laminate. The laminating pouches aren’t cheap, so it made my games more expensive then they needed to be. My suggestion: try games out on at least one group of kids before you laminate to make sure the game works out as well as you imagined.

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