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Just Added: “Gallery of Music” Symbol Drawing Worksheets


Happy Valentine’s Day!  I have a free printable to share today…

This is a set of simple worksheets for having students learn to draw various music symbols.  The worksheets can be used singly or in groups, depending on what concepts your students are currently learning.  I would encourage students to use colorful crayons to draw the symbols.

Here are the symbols covered on each page:

  1. Quarter, half, dotted-quarter, and whole notes.
  2. Quarter, half, dotted-quarter, and whole rests.
  3. Single eighth note, beamed eighth notes, eighth rest, and dotted quarter note.
  4. Treble clef, bass clef, staff, and grand staff.
  5. Barline, double barline, repeat sign, and time signature.
  6. Forte, piano, mezzo forte, and mezzo piano.
  7. Sharp, flat, natural, quarter note with flat.
  8. Slur, tie, staccato, accent.

If you have suggestions for more symbols to include in additional worksheets, let me know!

To download this set of worksheets, visit the Printables > Worksheets page and scroll down to the G’s for “Gallery of Music – Symbol Drawing Worksheets.”

P.S.: I received an email yesterday from the MTNA Collegiate Chapter at Butler University, asking if I’d send a link to the survey they created about online marketing for piano teachers.  They are looking for responses to help them with a session they will be presenting at the MTNA National Conference in NYC next month.  Please take a minute of your time to help them out!

P.S.S.: Today is the last day to sign up to attend the MTNA National Conference at the early registration discount!  Visit to learn more.  Hope to see you in NYC!

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8 thoughts on “Just Added: “Gallery of Music” Symbol Drawing Worksheets”

  1. Joy- I think these worksheets are fantastic. I laminated them so I can re-use them over and over again in lessons with a dry erase marker. I find that every now and then, even my best students need a review of this material. Its one thing to recognize and eighth note (for example) , but it take a different skill set to write one down! Thanks again!


  2. How would you relate a box of crayons in trying to explain “color” in your students playing? I am trying to come up with a theme for the new year.

    “MUSIC is an outburst of color” is the quote that I am using.

    Any suggestions…..


  3. you say somethng about the MTNA conference, “see you in nyc” but when i go to the link you posted, it says the conference is in cincinnati. is there more than one conference??

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