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Musical Instruments Quizzing/Sorting game

My Homeschool Class and my Piano Readiness Class both recently finished their Musical Instruments Workbooks.  We usually complete just two pages each class, so it took us awhile to get through it!

Now that we’ve finished it, we’ve been playing a fun little sorting/quizzing game using the deck of instrument cards that came with my MiniMusic kit.  This competitive game has been quite a hit!

Instructions for Gameplay:

On his/her turn, each student draws a card from the top of the deck and has the opportunity to earn three possible points:

  1. By correctly naming the instrument.
  2. By correctly categorizing the instrument into its instrument family.  We make piles for each family on the floor as we go.
  3. By stating a fact about the instrument (e.g., how the instrument makes sound, what the instrument is made out of, how the instrument is played, etc.).

I keep track of each student’s points on a piece of paper.  My students having been playing this game with a great deal of enthusiasm, and I’ve been impressed with how much it has helped them review / memorize the instruments!  They love the satisfaction of being able to name facts about each instrument and being able to sort them correctly.

Note: If you don’t have any instrument flashcards, here is a website that has some beautiful (and free) ones to download.  (The link in the post to download the pdf isn’t working when you click on it, but I found that it worked to copy and paste the link into my browser.)  To play the game I described above using those cards, you will need to cut off the instrument names from the bottom of the card so the answer isn’t there for the students to read!  🙂

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3 thoughts on “Musical Instruments Quizzing/Sorting game”

  1. Thanks for the idea and the website- I need to add these cards to my game box. I had a teen student inform me today that she is never too old for games! 🙂 I love seeing their eyes light up when I say “Let’s play a game!”

  2. thanks for an idea..but i cant get to the link….what about your card? Are they available to buy? thanks

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