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Staff Paper – Large Staff for Simple Compositions

With my Piano Readiness Class, we’ve been learning about staff notation.  Last week, each student composed a mini-composition on the piano and then we together notated the piece.  We used colorful markers to label the notes (A, B, C, etc) and also wrote in finger numbers, so they can continue playing their compositions at home.  They loved the idea of being composers!

This is the sheet paper we used to notate our compositions.  Young students tend to draw rather large notes 🙂 , so I left plenty of room between the lines of the staff.

To download, visit the Printables > Other Resources page and scroll down to “Staff Paper — Large Staff for Simple Compositions.”

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1 thought on “Staff Paper – Large Staff for Simple Compositions”

  1. Hi Joy,

    Thank you so much for all the resources you share on your site. I’ve read your posts on several occasions for piano lesson ideas. I teach piano (and voice) in the western suburbs of Chicago. I used various sizes of your staff paper for a Christmas gift for my piano students this year. I made them each a book of appropriately sized staff paper bound with notebook rings and cardstock covers decorated with their names and stickers. They came out really nice, and the students have been using them! It is especially great for beginning students, because I use a lot of note-writing to reinforce note-reading.

    Staff paper seems like a simple thing, but it really was great to find such perfect sizes. I have a lot of students aged 6 and under and until I found your large-sized paper, I had only worked with my little ones using a marker board. Now they don’t have to erase their compositions!

    Thanks again for your generosity with your ideas!

    Deidre Tice

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