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NCKP 2011 | (9) Your Student Recitals, Live on the Internet!

Your Student Recitals, Live on the Internet!  by Mario Ajero, Shana Kirk, George Litterst, and Stella Sick.  Th @ 2:15pm.

During this session, the presenters told us all about the benefits, feasibility, and equipment needed to broadcast your student recitals live on the internet.

Streaming your student recitals online can allow you to reach distant friends and relatives, publicize your studio, and help find an audience for your niche.

Streaming means you are broadcasting a live video feed online for people to view.  Streaming = one way (but you can reach unlimited amounts of people), while video conferencing = two way conversation (can reach a limited amount of people). 

There are a few services to choose from if you decide to set up your own “TV channel” of sorts using a video streaming service.  They allow you to broadcast one “show” or a “series.”  And they allow you to archive your “shows” for “reruns” later on.  Most of these services allow you to choose from a free or an upgraded paid service option.

While you can set up a video stream with no less than your laptop’s internal camera and microphone, you may wish to upgrade some of your equipment in order to achieve better sound/audio quality.

  • External Microphone | can be connected to your computer using a USB cable.  (Example: the Shure PG 27 or PG 42.)
  • HD Webcam | anything higher than 720p is considered high definition (HD).  (Example: Logitech HD Pro Webcam 910.)
  • Camcorder | costs more than a webcam, but has good quality and can be used to record video on its own for other purposes.

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