2011 MTNA Conference Loot

I finally got around to taking a picture of the free sheet music I took home from the MTNA conference.  A few books are not pictured because I already took them with me to my office on campus, including the RCM 2008 Syllabus and RCM Teacher Handbook.  I added everything up, and I took home over $175 worth of free music!  =D

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4 thoughts on “2011 MTNA Conference Loot”

  1. Very cool, Joy. What’s the Sonatine – is that Ravel? And I’m curious what the Burgmuller is – something other than Op. 100?

    I’m still, today, going through the enormous pile of stuff I took home from the 2010 Conference. I think one probably gets around $100 in free music for every day you attend the conference. It’s crazy!

    1. The blue Henle score is actually a whole album containing 21 sonatinas by different composers. The full German title on the cover is “Sonatinen fur Klavier.” =)

      The Burgmuller book is titled “Collected Studies for Piano” and is contains Ops. 100, 105, and 109. It’s a nice collection!

    1. The “pink bunny” is a packet of assignment sheets created by the Robert Pace method and distributed by Hal Leonard. It’s definitely oriented towards young children.

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