April 2011 Blog Roundup

Once again, some fabulous new-to-me blogs have come to my attention!  Check these out:

  • For Love of Piano blog | You may already know Leah from her other blog, Drops From My Cup.  She recently began For Love of Piano so that her music-related posts have their own home!  She has recently shared some great game ideas that are definitely worth checking out.

  • Music Memos blog | Theresa Chen is a piano teacher and early childhood music specialist who blogs at  Browse through her archives to find some excellent, well-written posts about teaching.

  • Living Pianos blog | On his Living Pianos blog, pianist and expert Robert Estrin offers videos about buying and caring for pianos.  There is a lot of great information to be found here, which I was thrilled to find since I am going to be buying a piano over the summer!

Do you have a new music blog?  Leave a comment — I’d love to check it out!

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    6 thoughts on “April 2011 Blog Roundup”

    1. Thanks for this, Joy. You have had an important role in making the piano teacher’s blog community feel like a friendly and supportive group. Be sure to check out Wendy Chan’s Piano Escapades for your May Blog Round-Up.

      1. Of course a baby grand! Not joking. I’ve been spoiled for too long practicing on grands and I never want to go back. I’m not sure what brand — probably whatever is the best that I can get for $3000-5000! We’ll see….I’m sure I’ll be blogging more about this in the coming months. 😉 For now, though, you’ve given me the idea to ask about piano brands for this week’s Forum Q&A so thanks for that, Leah!

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