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Faber Piano Adventures 2nd Edition

Have you heard the news about the new 2nd Editions of the Faber Piano Adventures?  They’ve completed a revision of the Primer and Level 1 books, and will be doing Level 2 (and beyond?) at a later date.

At the MTNA conference, I had the opportunity to look at the new books at the Hal Leonard booth in the Exhibit Hall (and even take home a free copy of the Primer Level Performance book!).

You can visit their website to read about all the updates made in the new 2nd Editions, but below are a few highlights:

  • The back of the books shows a chart that shows the books and supplemental materials available.  The front of the books also has “2nd Edition” marked clearly in the upper left hand corner.
  • Inside the front cover, there is a progress chart that clearly shows the progression and introduction of concepts for easy lesson planning.
  • The Theory book more closely follows the concepts and artwork of the Lesson Book.
  • The Theory book contains more creative activities, such as improvisation and composition activities.
  • New repertoire has been added to the Performance and Lesson Books for more variety at your recitals.
  • A new Sightreading Book has been added to the Primer Level and Level 1!  It is a thick, black and white book with short examples to sightread.  Students are instructed, “Don’t Practice This!” and to cross out the page once they’ve sightread the page for that day.
  • A new Teacher Guide is available!

The Piano Adventures method is one of my favorites to use with students (although I deliberately do my best to use a variety of methods with my students), and these updates look great to me!  What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “Faber Piano Adventures 2nd Edition”

  1. Hi Joy,

    I’ve been a reader for qutie a while, just never commented! So, hi!! I’m just wondering what the Piano Adventures Teachers Guide is like. Did you happen to peek into it??

  2. This is the latest buzz on all the piano blogs, and I think it is awesome! I just love PA and use it with all my students at present. I can’t wait to get my hands on that sightreading book!!

  3. My thoughts of the 2nd edition:

    There are many great improvements: improv, new rep, integrated theory concepts, etc.

    I just have one complaint: I dislike the idea of crossing out each page in the Sightreading book as the student completes them. Yes, it may be motivating for students, but I’d rather put a sticker on the page, or cut of the corner of the page with a scissors (an idea I got from Glory St. Germain’s session at the MTNA conference about her wonderful theory books – check them out here if you haven’t heard of them). I dislike the crossing out because you can’t reuse the book with the next sibling.

  4. Hi Joy!

    I’m going to start to teach a 12 years old teenager from scratch. Do you think that this collection is good for that age? or what do you recommend me? I have taught children and adults with no previous experience, but not teenagers. Any recommendation?

    Thanks a lot!

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