Tips For Making Your Blog Reader-Friendly [Part 2]

This post is a continuation of Part 1, available here.

DO offer a variety of subscription options and make it easy to follow your blog.

Sometimes new bloggers wonder why it takes so long to establish a following of readers.  I once read somewhere that it takes about a year before you will begin to recognize a committed following of readers start getting regular comments.  Don’t be discouraged – keep the posts coming!  Meanwhile, here are a few things you can do to help gain a following: 

  1. Continue offering GREAT content.  Don’t let your blog turn into a bunch of links to other people’s stuff.  ALWAYS accompany external links with a few of your own new and insightful comments.  Readers are usually looking for great content from YOU, not merely an assortment of links to content on the rest of the web.  Just keep working on building your content and those readers will come around eventually!
  2. Put up subscribe buttons for email AND RSS.  These are two basics that every blog should have.  Email subscriptions allow readers to receive blog posts in their email inbox.  RSS subscriptions allow readers to follow multiple blogs all in one place.
  3. Put up Facebook and other social networking links too.  Allow readers to follow your blog using their favorite social networking tool, whatever that may be.
  4. Create a Facebook page for your blog.  More and more people are using Facebook all the time.  Jump on the bandwagon and allow your readers to be notified about new content right in their Facebook news feed!  Facebook pages are different from Facebook profiles.  Your personal profile is separate and usually private (depending on your privacy settings) from your blog’s Facebook page followers, so there is no reason not to give this a try.

DO consider your blog’s appearance and accessibility.

  1. Write a friendly bio about yourself.  Nobody wants to follow an unknown and mysterious blogger.  While you may wish to keep certain things about yourself private (as you should feel free to do so), there are ways of doing so in a personable and accessible manner.
  2. Include a photo of yourself somewhere on your blog.  Readers like having some idea of what you look like!
  3. Be personable.  Be clear and for the most part, use everyday language.  A little humor goes a long way – don’t be too serious but don’t overdo it with humor either!
  4. Don’t allow your blog posts to get too long.  Increase clarity and readability by using bullet points and headers to help divide your lengthier posts into sections.  Long posts can be divided into a series of posts over a few days.  Be concise whenever possible!
  5. Avoid writing about what you plan to blog about about in the future.  Just post stuff as you get it done.  What if you forget or change your mind?  Don’t promise your readers things that may or may not happen – just give it to them or don’t.  Read this interesting post for more about why you should avoid telling people your goals.

That ends my list of rants and tips.  I hope I’ve inspired you to make your blog the best it can be!

Have more to add to my list?  Please share!

Photo Credit: Marco Pako | CC 2.0

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