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The Melodica: Piano + Recorder?

Check out the new instrument we have at my home!

I ordered this melodica on Amazon as a surprise for my husband for Valentine’s day, although I plan to make use of it too in the future. =)

To play the melodica, you must blow very gently into the mouthpiece and starting pressing the keys.  The sound very much resembles the sound of an accordion.  Be careful – don’t blow too hard else you may blow the reeds out of place.

It can be played two ways: with the short mouthpiece held in your hands…

Or using the tube mouthpiece sitting on a table top…….

It even comes with a carrying case……

This one is a Hohner 32-key melodica, but 37-key melodicas are also available.

Now before I leave you today, I must leave you with a few videos I found of YouTube, so that you may hear the wonderful sound of the melodica.  The audio in these videos is a bit harsh; in person, the sound is a bit more pleasant.




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6 thoughts on “The Melodica: Piano + Recorder?”

  1. A wonderful introduction to this rarely seen instrument! My father brought one back from an overseas trip when I was a child and I played it in the school marching band (over forty years ago…). I have three melodicas in my studio – and they are a great addition to our concert ensembles and keyboard study away from the piano.

  2. This is going to show my age but …
    I used to watch Steve Allen’s night time TV show in the 1960’s (before Johnny Carson, before Jay and Dave). Steve would be playing jazz on this instrument when he was coming back after a commercial or network break. I wanted one so much but I didn’t get one until 1974 when I took a class in Miami when I was working on my master’s degree. I now own two and realize I should get them out and use them in my studio.

  3. my brother just started playing the melodica! I want to get him something to go along with it – accessories or music, etc – for Christmas, any suggestions?? (under $25)

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