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Today I just thought I’d share a fun little tip I learned from one of my students this week!  Yes, you read that right: she taught me.  =)  She is a young beginner student, just learning how to read music on the staff.  She informed me that she came up with a way for remembering the note “D” (the one just above Middle C): D is the note that Dangles from the staff.  Clever!  I was so proud of her.  That is a little trick that I will definitely be sharing with my other beginner students.

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3 thoughts on “Fun tip”

  1. What a great observation by your student!! Thanks for sharing! I have a couple beginners just starting to read on the staff. I taught them that middle C has “whiskers” (the ledger line) like a Cat. I will definitely teach them that D Dangles off the treble clef. Also, I just thought that you can say that B “Balances” on the top line of the bass clef.

  2. I have a student who refers to middle C as “hanging C” . I have heard “bouncing B” and “dangling D” Middle C has whiskers is a great idea too!

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