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Just Added: Reference Sheet for Reading Music

This free printable is a handy reference sheet to give out to students who are just learning to read musical notation from the staff.

What it contains:

  1. notes and their values, eighth through whole.
  2. rests and their values, eighth through whole.
  3. word mnemonics for figuring out the letter names of notes on the staff:
  • Treble staff lines: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge
  • Treble staff spaces: FACE
  • Bass staff lines: Great Big Dogs Fight Animals
  • Bass staff spaces: All Cows Eat Grass

There are many different word mnemonics for remembering the lines and spaces on the staff.  Which ones do you use?

CLICK HERE to view the Reading Music | Reference Sheet printable now!

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4 thoughts on “Just Added: Reference Sheet for Reading Music”

  1. I use the traditional “Every Good Boy Does Fine” for the treble clef. And “Good Boys Do Fine Always” for bass clef. Would you be able to make a mnemonic page like you made for the spaces? I didn’t see a printable page for the lines, only for the spaces. Really like your blog so far!

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