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Top 3 Obstacles when Teaching Improvisation | Part 2 of the series

Okay, so I’ve been promising to talk about the findings from my research paper about improvisation.  While I don’t plan to post the entire 20+ pages as is, I do plan to post the information over a few posts, bit by bit, so it’s easier to read.  The first bit here (below) establishes the problem (i.e., the reason for writing a paper about improvisation).

Teaching improvisation is challenging for many teachers.  As I was reading books and journal articles about improvisation for my research paper, 3 common obstacles surfaced.  These are obstacles that music educators (not just piano teachers) encounter when trying to incorporate improvisation into their curriculum:

  1. Lack of time
  2. Lack of resources
  3. Lack of training

These three obstacles may seem rather obvious, but I believe they should be examined nevertheless, if we are to find a practical method of teaching improvisation in music education, particularly in the private piano lesson (to be discussed in upcoming posts).

Would you agree with this list?  Anything you’d like to add, particularly for piano teachers?

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3 thoughts on “Top 3 Obstacles when Teaching Improvisation | Part 2 of the series”

  1. There is a wonderful curriculum that incorporates improvisation in every lesson. Check out Musikgarten’s Music Makers: at the Keyboard. The program includes training for teachers.
    I have taught the program for over 6 years and I have overcome all three obstacles because of this program.

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