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Best free manuscript paper

Picture 6Just thought I’d share a little tip today about where to find THE best free manuscript paper (in my humble opinion):  

There are hundreds of sites out there that offer free manuscript paper (aka staff paper).  But this is my absolute favorite.  

Now, you must know, I do a little composing every now and then.  And I have discovered that I am a very picky manuscript paper person.  It has to be just right. 

I always print the “Blank manuscript paper with 10 staves, no clefs” paper.  It’s very economical and flexible.  It’s professional and clean-looking.  

Does this paper work for young students?  Not so much.  I’d recommend finding something bigger.  With wider spaces.  (Suggestions, anyone?) 

But I love this manuscript paper for myself and my older students to use.  It’s perfect for that. 


Do you have a favorite manuscript paper, as I do?  Please let us know by commenting below.

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1 thought on “Best free manuscript paper”

  1. This is my favorite free manuscript site because you can adjust and scale the size of the manuscript. Plus you can change it to portrait or landscape. It’s very easy to use. Oh, and did I mention you can adjust the grayscale too? You can even add bar lines, time signature and key signature if you want under the advance feature. It’s as easy as clicking on what you want it to look like.

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