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My students are currently preparing for our studio piano recital in May.  They are all doing great.  I was doing some brainstorming (which can be dangerous), and decided to hold a “practice recital” the weekend before the actual recital.  I envisioned all my students cramming into my music room, listening to each other playing their pieces, and then leading discussion about various aspects of performing.  Afterwards, we would play a round or two of Music Bingo.  🙂  

Then, I got to thinking some more….  It was actually my piano prof that got me going.  One day at my lesson, he got off topic (usually, a very good thing!), and started talking about WHY we as performers, as artists, do what we do.  Why do we make music?  Do we do it purely to make a living?  Do we do it only when we will receive monetary payment in return?  Or do we do it because we need to, as artists?  Do we feel this bubbling excitement about music that it NEEDS to be shared?  Music is a very innate thing, after all.

His rant got me thinking about how I can better share my gift and love for music with others.  Then I realized, what a perfect opportunity — I have a whole studio of students ready to play, with beautifully polished pieces, just waiting to be shared with others!  And I’ll be playing a piece or two at the end.  And so now, it’s in the works that my little “practice recital” will be held at a local nursing home.  I hope that this experience will be equally beneficial to both the students and the nursing home residents.

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