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Developing a Good Sense of Rhythm

Developing a good sense of rhythm is one of the most challenging parts of being a piano teacher.  It’s not something that arrives overnight, and it’s something that must be maintained as the student advances to music with more advanced rhythms and time signatures.  It truly is something that must be developed. I’d like to […]

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Just Added: Piano Lessons Flyer Template

Advertise for new piano students by filling in this free Piano Lessons Flyer Template! Just edit and print in Microsoft Word (.doc) and you’ll be ready to post your flyers all over town.

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Piano as a way to build community

Check out this fascinating news story: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6LeEKX1mLE It’s great to see the great potential music (especially the piano) has to connect members of a community in a unique way!  This story really got me thinking: what are some ways we as teachers of music can use our skills to connect and benefit the community?  We […]

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SUMMARY | The June Forum: Making Your Vocation A Vacation

June is over (summer is going by so quickly!!), and so is the June Forum: Making Your Vocation A Vacation topic.  Thanks for all the thought-provoking comments, all!  Here’s a summary of your comments, along with some thoughts of my own mixed in: Teach only when you want to. Don’t overdo it.  Only schedule yourself what […]

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Record of Lesson Attendance & Payment

Just added to the page of free Printables > Studio Business: > Lesson & Payment Record Chart 2010-2011 (3 page pdf) Summertime is a great time to do some planning for the next academic year of teaching!  As you can see, I’ve been keeping busy…..  This chart is designed for the 2010-2011 year in mind, […]

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Teaching Music Theory: Our Responsibility

This article talks about why integrating a music theory component is important for teaching private lessons in piano or any musical instrument. It is our responsibility as music teachers to give our students a well-rounded education in the area of music – including theory.

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Just Added: Scales & Primary Chords Worksheet 1 (CGDF)

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Dealing with Performance Anxiety

Your hands are cold and shaky, your heart is racing, and you find it hard to breath.  Are you sick?  Are you having a nightmare?  No, you’re about to play your instrument in a recital, and the symptoms you are experiencing are due to performance anxiety — better known as stage fright. Performance anxiety affects […]

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My Thoughts on Practice Requirements

Many of you may remember being required by your piano teachers growing up to practice a certain amount of minutes each day/week.  Perhaps your requirement looked something like this: 15 minutes a day, 140 minutes each week, or 45 minutes, 5 days a week. One of my previous teachers built her incentive program around how […]

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Free Studio Website Builder: Weebly.com

Have you thought about starting a website for your studio, but felt that you didn’t have the resources or expertise to build one?  Check out Weebly.com — an attractive and easy-to-use online resource where you can create a website for free. Personally, I currently use iWeb software (comes free on all Mac computers) to create and […]

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The June Forum: Making your Vocation a Vacation

As mentioned yesterday, a new series is being introduced here at Color In My Piano: a monthly forum of sorts, where readers put their heads together a discuss various topics.  The success of this series depends on YOU, so please, type away! Without further ado, allow me to introduce the topic for the June forum: […]

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Introduction of a New Series: The Monthly Forum!

At the expense of sounding like an old record, I’d like to express once more (last time, I promise!) how much I’ve enjoyed reading all your comments lately, especially the shared stories on the giveaway post from a couple weeks ago.  It’s comments such as those that make Color In My Piano a success and […]

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