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Studio Marketing: Communicating Value Through Your Website

Have you ever visited a website and been completely overwhelmed with the amount of information, ads, links, and CLUTTER? Have also you ever visited a website and been impressed by the graphics and the ease with which you could find information? This post is going to offer some tips for organizing and effectively communicating value through your studio website.

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Studio Business: Making a Memorable Impression

Last week, I came across a very interesting article about how your business cards are a representation of your business.  The article features a number of examples of memorable and creative business cards, including the “piano repair” business cards pictured on the right. Click here to read the article for yourself: 15+ Business Cards Visualizing the […]

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Roland V-Piano

Check out this series of 4 videos about Roland’s V-Piano.  They claim: “This is the future of the piano.”  Thoughts? httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUh21Eje56g&feature=related

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Just Added: Piano Lessons Flyer Template

Advertise for new piano students by filling in this free Piano Lessons Flyer Template! Just edit and print in Microsoft Word (.doc) and you’ll be ready to post your flyers all over town.

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SUMMARY | The June Forum: Making Your Vocation A Vacation

June is over (summer is going by so quickly!!), and so is the June Forum: Making Your Vocation A Vacation topic.  Thanks for all the thought-provoking comments, all!  Here’s a summary of your comments, along with some thoughts of my own mixed in: Teach only when you want to. Don’t overdo it.  Only schedule yourself what […]

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Music-Related Pet Names

My husband and I recently rescued a cat (pictured at right)!  We spent a lot of time thinking up a name for her.  I wanted to give her a music related name, but as it turned out, we ended up agreeing to name her “Kira.”  But for any of you who might wish to give […]

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Building Your Studio: How to Inform Parents About Your Tuition Rates

When you get a phone call from an parent of a potential student asking about studio information, should you inform potential students of your rates first, or should you tell them about your studio first? I know a fellow teacher who does not answer the “rates question” – even when specially asked about it – until the […]

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30 Theme Ideas for Music Studio Events

Here’s a list of 30 theme ideas for music studio events!  Themes can be used as the studio theme for the school year, or for summer music camps, or for studio recitals.  If used for the studio theme for the whole year, there are a number of ways the theme can be incorporated: the incentive […]

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3 Printables for Interviewing New Students

Just added: THREE new printables on the Printables > Studio Business page: Beginner Student Interview Form Transfer Student Interview Form Student Information Form These resources are useful for conducting student interviews at the first lesson with a new or transfer student.  The interview forms help evaluate the student’s musical aptitude and background, to help the teacher determine what […]

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