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Sheet Music Christmas Ornament — Gift Idea for Piano Students

Christmas is nearing! Today, I’m busy making sheet music ornaments as gifts for my piano students. I found this idea from this blogger, thanks to Pinterest. In the video below, I describe my own take on her sheet music ornament idea. (Sorry about the camera angle — it’s not the best, but hopefully you get the idea.) […]

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Sheet Music Review: Madge’s Notebook by Rebekah Maxner

This summer, Canadian composer Rebekah Maxner has released a new book, “Madge’s Notebook: A Piano Tribute to The Hunger Games.”  When Rebekah emailed me to ask if I’d be willing to review her book, I told her I wasn’t sure if she would want me to review it since I have not yet read the […]

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James Koerts’ Free Arrangement of “Joy To The World”

This weekend, my students and I are preparing to play Christmas pieces at a local church’s “Come To The Stable” event.  I reserved an hour on Thursday and Saturday when we are going to play (I will fill whatever time my students don’t use).  Our music will serve as the background music as people come […]

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Time for Christmas Music

I am preparing to pass out Christmas music to my students to this week!  It still seems early to me, but my students have a performance opportunity in early December — so I thought we better get rolling on that Christmas music! I’ve updated my post from two years ago “List of Free Christmas Arrangements […]

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Review: Sheet Music by Elena Cobb

Elena Cobb is a piano teacher and composer in the UK (but originally from Russia) who writes music in various popular musical styles, including blues, Latin, and jazz.  She has music books available intended for both young students and intermediate to advanced students.  You can read more about Elena’s teaching approach and goals behind her […]

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Sheet Music Washer Necklaces

Remember back when I did a giveaway in March for this sheet music necklace? Some of you asked about how I made those necklaces.  Well, I got the idea from a photo I saw on pinterest a long time ago.  I was planning to make a nice tutorial post about how to do it, but now […]

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Forum Q&A | Obtaining Student Materials & Reimbursement

I forgot to put up the week’s new Forum Q&A post yesterday, so here it is a day late!  Sorry about that…I think the term paper for my music history class is draining all my brain cells.  =D It was so fun to read the variety of approaches teachers use when it comes to summer […]

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2011 MTNA Conference Loot

I finally got around to taking a picture of the free sheet music I took home from the MTNA conference.  A few books are not pictured because I already took them with me to my office on campus, including the RCM 2008 Syllabus and RCM Teacher Handbook.  I added everything up, and I took home […]

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11 Sheet Music Craft Ideas

After posting about the sheet music ornament star last week, I was inspired to dig around the web for other music-related crafts!  There are tons of ways to recycle old sheet music (which you can often find at thrift stores, garage sales, auctions, and antique stores).  Here’s a sampling of what I found!  All links […]

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List of Free Christmas Music Arrangements on the Web

Christmas is on the way, whether you are ready or not! My students are already starting to ask about Christmas music, so I’m doing some digging on the web to find places to print easy Christmas arrangements for free. Read this post to check out the list I’ve compiled.

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Links page has been updated

The Links page here at colorinmypiano.com has been updated!  I’ve created a new category devoted to sites with free sheet music, preferably for piano. My personal favorite: IMSLP / The Petruccit Library This site contains TONS of sheet music pdfs of the great classical works!  Just this week, for example, I was looking to round […]

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Organizing your Music Books

How do your organize your library of music books?  About a month ago, I purchased a new bookshelf (see photo) for my music, because most of my books were still in boxes with no place to go since our move to our new apartment.  In just a few hours, I managed to re-organize all my […]

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