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Check Out Composer Sara Tomlinson’s Music

Good day! Today, I am so happy for my friend, Sara Tomlinson, who recently was accepted into Jennifer Eklund’s Composer Community through PianoPronto.com. Please take a moment to listen to Sara’s piece “Paper Airplane” via the video below. Paper Airplane is a flowing, intermediate-level piece in the key of Eb. You can preview the digital sheet music […]

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My Favorite Sheet Music Solos for Piano Students

For our annual Spring Recital, I maintain a tradition of letting my piano students choose their own special piece to memorize and perform. In December or January, I restock my library of sheet music solos at all the various levels, so that I can demonstrate 3-4 pieces for each student to choose from. I’ve started to […]

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Review: “Fairyland in Treble” Duet Book

I’m pleased to review a collection of teacher-student piano duets today called Fairyland in Treble by London-based Greek composer Nikolas Sideris. I must first say, the book is gorgeous. The paper is heavy and a lovely creamy color. The cover design, as you can see from the photo here, is beautiful. The typography, layout, and […]

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Video: Elena Cobb’s Higgledy Piggledy Jazz

Isn’t it great when you find just the right music, for just the right student, at just the right time? Back when I first reviewed Elena Cobb’s music in 2012, I had mostly beginner students in my studio having recently relocated to Ohio. Recently, I was pleased to have the opportunity to give Elena’s book of jazz-inspired […]

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Giveaway: Christmas Music by Jennifer Eklund

Jennifer Eklund of PianoPronto.com has kindly offered to sponsor a giveaway for us today!  Let me tell you a little bit about Jennifer’s work. Jennifer is a piano teacher and self-publishing composer with a huge output of materials for piano students.  She publishes her own piano method called Piano Pronto as well as a variety […]

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New Collaborative Project: Repertoire Lists for Piano Teachers

There are a number of really wonderful facebook groups for piano teachers (the Art of Piano Pedagogy and Professional Piano Teachers come to mind).  These groups are a great place to share ideas with other teachers and ask questions. In particular, I have observed a number of threads asking for repertoire suggestions for a particular […]

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Forum Q&A: Duet Repertoire Suggestions

Our previous Forum Q&A post was about Christmas gifts for piano students.  We received a LOT of responses — thank you!  I will definitely be consulting that post again next year when Christmas rolls around! Our new Forum Q&A is a topic suggested by a reader.  She says: “My New Years resolution in my studio […]

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Review: Daniel McFarlane’s Repertoire for Students

Australian composer Daniel McFarlane has composed a number of student-level repertoire books which are available on his website.  Daniel was kind enough to send me digital copies of his books so I could review them here. In appearance, all of Daniel’s books have easy-to-read scores with no illustrations.  The titles of each piece are in […]

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May 2011 Giveaway: “Fearless Fortissimo” Piano Music for Boys

Greetings!  Today I have two important announcements: I have finished all the requirements for my Master’s degree!  HOORAY!  =D Today we have a new GIVEAWAY!  Here are the details: Andrea & Trevor Dow from yesterday’s interview have kindly agreed to sponsor a giveaway of Episode 1 of The Adventures of Fearless Fortissimo!  This pdf is […]

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Interview: Andrea & Trevor Dow and their Piano Music For Boys

Today I have a fabulous interview for you, from a husband & wife team who runs a 350-student music school in Canada!  Meet Andrea & Trevor Dow. Andrea & Trevor run a blog at teachpianotoday.com The website for their music school, Wildflower Music Studio, can be viewed here. Their latest project has been to write […]

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Forum Q&A | Obtaining Student Materials & Reimbursement

I forgot to put up the week’s new Forum Q&A post yesterday, so here it is a day late!  Sorry about that…I think the term paper for my music history class is draining all my brain cells.  =D It was so fun to read the variety of approaches teachers use when it comes to summer […]

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Forum Q&A | Recital Music: Assign Easy, Hard, or Just Right?

Ready for another installment of a Forum Q&A?  Okay! A couple of weeks ago we discussed what to do when a student performance “bombs.”  This week, we’ll return to the topic of recitals and talk about assigning repertoire: When assignment recital repertoire to students, do you generally assign something challenging since they have a lot […]

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