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2017 Masterclass Exchange

On Saturday, my students and I held a masterclass event, as is our annual tradition in preparation for our upcoming studio recital. This year, I invited Loretta Cetkovic, my friend from grad school who now operates a music school in Lansing, Michigan. She was so wonderful in helping my group of students polish and perfect their pieces! In […]

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Sending Students to Outside Events

On Saturday, seven of my students played their recital pieces for a local Ribbon Festival held by my local MTNA/OhioMTA chapter. So proud of them! I’ve been sending students to this festival since I moved to Ohio three years ago. This is a non-competitive event — meaning, there are no winners. Students perform one piece by memory and […]

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Christmas Events

I finally started my Christmas shopping this past weekend, and this morning I sightread some Christmas duets with a piano teacher friend of mine. :) Now I’m really starting to feel in the Christmas spirit! This December, I’m planning a studio Christmas Party for my students. I’ve never done anything like this before, but I […]

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Teacher Feature | Diane Heath

The new month brings us a new teacher feature!  Say hello to Diane, everyone! Name: Diane Heath Studio name: Heath Music Studio Website: www.dianeheath.org Please tell us about your piano and/or teaching background. I teach part-time, with a studio of 20 – 25 students, and am also a church musician in Washington, DC.  For over twenty years I’ve […]

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Tips for a Successful First Studio Recital

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a reader asking advice regarding planning a studio recital for the first time.  For the sake of others who might be in the same situation, I decided to create a whole post about this topic — read on. Q: How do I decide what kind of music to […]

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Recital Roses and an Update on Life

Today I wanted to share a photo from my university’s Community Music School recital a few weeks ago!  This is one of my wonderful students who I unfortunately must leave behind now that we are moving.  :(  I will miss all my students! My fellow teachers and I bought roses to give out to all […]

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Just Added: Recital Program Template #3

It’s recital season! Have you held your spring recital yet?  If you haven’t, here’s a new recital program template you are free to use if you like! I currently have two recital templates on my Printables page and they are very popular downloads.  This one is in color, although it still looks pretty good in […]

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Practice Performing

Perhaps you are wondering why there is a picture of a bunch of stuffed animals for this post.  Haha, I’ll get to that in a moment! My private students are preparing to play for the university’s Community Music School recital tomorrow!  There will be about 12 students performing, 4 of which are my students.  For […]

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Forum Q&A | Memorization for Performances: Required or Optional?

Last week we discussed how to teach legato pedaling to students, and we got a few great responses – click here to check them out!  As always, feel free to add your thoughts to the discussion! This week, we are considering the topic of memorization.  I’ve seen great discussions about this topic on many websites […]

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As Promised: Master’s Recital Video Recordings

As promised, here are a few selections from my Master’s Recital in January!   I would have loved to be able to post the Gwyneth Walker piece for you to hear, but it is not old enough to be in the public domain yet so posting a recording online would not be legal (if I […]

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Q&A Forum | Do your students undergo standardized testing?

Last week we had some great replies to the question about what level of recital music to assign. Here’s our new forum question for this week!  I have really enjoyed hearing you responses the last few weeks.  Keep it up! Do your students undergo standardized testing?  Why or why not?  If you do, which testing(s) do […]

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Forum Q&A | Recital Music: Assign Easy, Hard, or Just Right?

Ready for another installment of a Forum Q&A?  Okay! A couple of weeks ago we discussed what to do when a student performance “bombs.”  This week, we’ll return to the topic of recitals and talk about assigning repertoire: When assignment recital repertoire to students, do you generally assign something challenging since they have a lot […]

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