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Teaching Tool Review: Wright Way Note Finder

When I am teaching piano, one of the teaching tools I use frequently is the Wright Way Note Finder (find it on Amazon). I love this tool because it is useful for building a stronger sense of staff-to-keyboard correlation in students in just a few minutes’ time during lessons. Watch the video below to learn more about […]

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Missing Steps to Learning to Read Music

In the comment section of previous post, a reader asked for suggestions with helping a young student connect notes on the staff with their names and their corresponding piano key.  I gave a response in the comment section, but thought I would share some of those thoughts with you all as a separate blog post! Sometimes, beginners […]

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Review: NoteWorks iPad app & Giveaway

Noteworks – (Links: Free iPhone version, full iPhone version for $4.99, Free iPad version, full iPad version for $4.99)   This app is designed for students to practice identifying notes on the staff and finding the corresponding piano keys.  Noteworks features an adorable little “Munchy” who eats the notes when the student identifies the notes correctly!

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