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Dynamics & The Beginner Piano Student

When I was a 5-year-old beginner piano student, I remember being re-assigned one-/two-line method book pieces when the only thing lacking was dynamic contrast.  And I remember being frustrated with this.  My frustration was partly due to the fact that I was bored with the music I was playing; I wanted to be reading staff […]

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Interpretation & Staying True to the Score

This post compares two interpretations of Franz Liszt’s concert etude, Waldesrauschen. It also discusses the importance of being able to follow the markings on the score in such a way that the listener can easily hear them whether they are familiar with the piece or not.

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Using Adjectives to Capture the Imagination

One of the ideas I’ve been exploring extensively throughout the research I’m doing for my paper for college (the one about improvisation) is making music musical.  This seems so obvious, but really, what would music be without musicality?  Check out this video, of a robot playing the violin. Speaking of which, have you ever had […]

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