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Instruments of the Orchestra Study – FREE Orchestra Stage Pieces

With my music homeschool class, we have been studying the instruments of the orchestra.  We started this endeaver a long time ago, starting with completing the Musical Instruments Workbook.  We have also used Robert Levine’s book: The Story of the Orchestra, and frequently played this review game for remembering the names/families of the instruments. When I found this “stand-up […]

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Musical Instruments Quizzing/Sorting game

My Homeschool Class and my Piano Readiness Class both recently finished their Musical Instruments Workbooks.  We usually complete just two pages each class, so it took us awhile to get through it! Now that we’ve finished it, we’ve been playing a fun little sorting/quizzing game using the deck of instrument cards that came with my […]

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Just Added: Musical Instruments Workbook

With my Piano Readiness Class, we’ve been learning about the instruments and the instrument families.  To do this, I decided to create a workbook for my students to be able to take notes about the instruments and color a picture of each one. Description: This 29-page workbook contains coloring pages and blank lines for taking […]

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