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  Staff Paper -- Large Staff for Simple Compositions
» 28.4 KiB - 9,038 hits - 4 November 2011
This large staff paper is appropriate for use with young students. I use this paper when teaching about reading staff notation for the first time. With students, together we notate a simple composition they create on-the-spot at the piano. After getting the notes down, we use colorful markers to label the notes (A, B, C, etc) and write in finger numbers, so they can continue playing their compositions at home. Students love the idea of being composers!

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  Staff Paper for Composing with Stickers
» 93.0 KiB - 12,004 hits - 27 February 2012
I love having my piano students compose their own music, even when they are young beginners. I try to make it easy and fun for them. The pdf contains a variety of various sizes of staff paper for use with any stickers you might find. On the bottom of each page in the pdf, it indicates what size stickers you'll need with each sheet of staff paper.

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  Students Listed by Level
» 31.0 KiB - 1,076 hits - 27 January 2016
201601 Student Level List This handy PDF can help you create an overview of your current students' playing abilities, organized by level. This process can be helpful to the teacher not only when choosing recital repertoire for student performances, but it also for creating a benchmark to compare to previous and future years.

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  Studio T-Shirt Design Idea Printable
» 229.8 KiB - 737 hits - 5 May 2017
I use this printable for students to submit their design ideas for our studio T-shirt each year. They can draw their idea on the sheet and then other students can leave their votes in the box at the bottom.

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  Whiteboard Background - for 8.5x11'' Plexiglass Frame
» 20.7 KiB - 7,001 hits - 26 February 2013
DSC_20120419_161017-001Music whiteboards cost a pretty penny in music catalogues, so I decided to make my own. I bought this 8.5x11'' frame from IKEA for under $3. I chose one that had plexiglass instead of glass, so that I won't have to worry about it breaking if it gets dropped. The frame is a sturdy plastic. On my computer, I designed the staff and keyboard pictures on a horizontal piece of paper, printed it, and inserted it into the frame. Easy! Click here to read more about how I use this frame when teaching.


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