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Introducing…The Color In My Piano Shop!

Greetings! I have a big announcement today: I have just added a “Shop” page to, where I have listed a few items for sale!  Don’t worry…I’ll always share lots of freebies too, but I have some bigger projects that I’d like to make available in the shop.  :)  Right now, I’ve got two items […]

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2012 Musical Olympics Camp – Day 1

Last week, I held a Musical Olympics camp for my students and it was a great success!  We had such a fun week and I received a lot of positive feedback from the students and parents.  I will definitely continue doing similar camps in future years! Over the course of this week, I’m going to […]

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Music Motor Match – A Rhythm Matching Game

A large percentage of my studio right now is beginner/early elementary students.  I like having simple and short games to play with them at the end of the lesson that reinforce concepts we are learning in their books.  Motor Music Match is a game that I created with these things in mind.  Take a look: […]

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Rhythm Value Cards for Dictation and More

Here they are…the rhythm value cards I mentioned in my post yesterday!

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Review: Rhythm Menagerie by Wendy Stevens

Wendy Stevens from the ComposeCreate blog has created a wonderful rhythm resource called Rhythm Menagerie. The Basics In Wendy’s own words: “Rhythm Menagerie is designed to take away the distractions of note reading, articulation, and other music concepts so that students can focus on having fun while strengthening their rhythm!” Rhythm Menagerie is a 93-page […]

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Rollin’ Rhythms Worksheet Activity

I have a new Printable to share today:

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Christmas Rhythm Learning Moments

As I’m sure is currently the case with many of you, my students are working on Christmas pieces along with their usual assignments.  As usual, a few of them have encountered rhythmic “simplifications” in their arrangements (Away in a Manger and Go Tell it on the Mountain come to mind).  After pointing it out the […]

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Make Me A Rhythm! game

I was recently browsing some forums online and found a description of this game by a music educator.  It sounds like a great game to use with large groups of students — perhaps for group lessons or summer camps.  I asked the music educator if I could post about the game on my blog, and […]

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“Musical Hopscotch” game

About year ago, Sheryl Welles posted on her blog about a “Twister Hopscotch” game that she modified into a wonderful music game.  Basically, all you have to do is use Avery circle stickers of some kind to make the spinner into a music spinner with rhythmic note values.

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Just Added: Rainy Rhythm Game

I’ve mentioned before that during grad school, I took an Early Childhood Music course.  One of the things we discussed was using the “sound before sight” philosophy – where the student is exposed to and experiences the concepts before being taught the name or the written notation.  I’ve been doing my best to use this […]

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Teacher Feature | Mariel Mohns

It’s halfway through the month already, which means it’s time for a… Teacher Feature!  :)  Meet Mariel from Mississippi! Name: Mariel Mohns Studio Name: Mariel Mohns Music Website: Blog: Twitter: Email: Please tell us about your piano and/or teaching background! I started taking piano lessons when I was 4 years old and loved piano, but […]

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Q&A Forum | Rhythmic “Simplification” in Arrangements of Familiar Tunes

For last week’s Forum Q&A, I broached a few questions about memorization and many of you left comments regarding whether or not to require memorization for performances within your studio — but not many of you addressed my initial question about whether you consider the skill of memorization is essential to piano playing (i.e., do […]

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