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Check Out

Hello, readers! Just a quick post for today, encouraging you to check out my friend Susan Hong’s brand new website, I’ve had the honor of helping Susan out with her website and other technology-related topics for a few years now. She is not only a wonderful artist and piano teacher, but an all-around wonderful […]

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Mandala-Inspired Piano Coloring Sheet

My piano student, Bella, loved coloring this beautiful mandala coloring sheet created by my piano teacher friend Susan Hong. This kept her busy during her brothers’ lessons. :) Thanks for the printable, Susan! You can download Susan’s beautiful printable for FREE here at

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Piano Wastebasket at Meijer

Do you have a Meijer store near you? They are currently selling these cute wastebaskets…including the piano keyboard one! I have one for my studio and my students love it. :)    

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Highlighter Tape Alternative for Marking Music

Just a quick, fun post today… I’m sure many of you are familiar with and love using highlighter tape to add visual reminders to students’ sheet music. The “tape” is transparent yet colorful, and removes easily if you want to keep the student’s music clean. I’ve seen highlighter tape available at music stores, conferences, or online. Highlighter tape […]

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Database of Pieces in Classical Anthologies for Piano

I recently found out about a great resource by Bobbie Rastall, a piano teacher from Maryland.  Bobbie has an online database that allows teachers to search for a title or composer and see a list of which classical anthologies for students contain that piece of music.  What a great resource! I have already put this […]

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Music Dice & More from

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a wonderful little online shop called The Practice Shoppe. Leslie, the owner, is a Suzuki violin teacher/mom.  She sells a variety of fun things in her shop to help make lessons and practice fun for students. I ordered a few of her wonderful music dice, which are […]

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Article in 3-D Piano Method Newsletter

I’ve recently written an article which will be published in the latest newsletter of the 3-D Piano Method, which should be sent out later today or tomorrow! If you would like to read my article, you can sign up to receive the 3-D Piano Method’s newsletters (which are published no more than once-a-month) in your […]

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Great Resource: Fun & Learn Music website

After finding the new Fun & Learn Music website last night, I simply had to share the link with you all.  This website has a large variety of FREE music worksheets, organized by subject.  The worksheets are clear and to-the-point, but also cute and fun for students.  I will definitely be using many of these […]

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Fingerplay Puppets

Thanks to Pinterest, I recently came across a blogger who designed some charming little finger puppets to go along with a few fingerplay songs she enjoys singing with her son!  Her name is Kate, from the blog, and she generously offers each of the printables pictured below for free.  I assembled a set of […]

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September Blog Roundup

I haven’t posted a blog roundup in quite awhile!  Here are a few new blogs I have stumbled across recently: Suzanne from the Hilton Music Studio blog shares lots of great teaching and organizational ideas.  Definitely take a moment to check out her blog:

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50 Piano Classics Album

EMI Classics send me an email informing me about a special promotion going on right now.  They are currently offering an album of 50 classical piano pieces for just $0.99 (USD) on  The artists include Martha Argerich, Andre Watts, Alexis Weissenberg, and many others! I just downloaded the album and am looking forward to […]

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Check out Facebook group: The Art of Piano Pedagogy

Irina Gorin recently started a facebook group called The Art of Piano Pedagogy.  There are some great discussions going on over there, and I highly recommend joining the group and check it out!  Here’s the link. Happy weekend, all!

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