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Freebie: Lesson Attendance Sheet Updated for 2015-16

I have just finished updating one of the studio business forms from the Printables page for the 2015-16 school year.  It is called the Record of Lesson Attendance & Payment pdf.  I do not currently use this form myself anymore, but I have received quite a few requests from teachers who used it last year so I was happy […]

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Moving Adventures

My husband and I have been happily renting this house for the past three years: This Spring, we decided we were interested in buying our own house.  We were pre-approved for a mortgage and started shopping. Finding a house with a good space for my studio was a priority.  We found a great house in Perrysburg, […]

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In Snowy Weather…Teaching Via FaceTime/Skype

This is what it looks like outside our house today: Much of the U.S. is currently experiencing a “polar vortex.”  Here in Ohio, there is around 8 inches of snow on the ground and the wind chill has been around -35 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime.  Local schools and universities have cancelled classes yesterday and […]

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Freebie: Piano Lessons Flyer Template #2

I’ve created a new flyer template for advertising piano lessons, and have just added it to the Printables > Studio Business page!  (Scroll down to the P’s for “Piano Lessons Flyer Template #2.) This flyer template has the rip-off tabs just like the previous one, but this one is in color and includes a picture of […]

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Updated: Record of Attendance & Payment Printable

Just a quick post today to those of you’ve who’ve asked if I planned to update the dates of the Record of Attendance & Payment printable for 2012-13.  The answer is YES, and here it is!  Visit the Printables > Studio Business page and scroll down to the R’s. The “Student Information Form” has also […]

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Piano Student End-Of-The-Year Evaluations

I’m back!  I ended up taking two weeks off instead of one, I know.  :)  But it felt great.  It feels great to be back too. At the MTNA National Conference in NYC this year, one of the sessions I attended encouraged teachers to do yearly or quarterly assessments/evaluations of their students.  Some teachers accompany […]

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Just Added: Studio Planning Calendar

Just added to the Printables > Studio Business page: Studio Planning Calendar I needed some kind of calendar to keep track of both short-term and long-term studio-related projects…and came up with this!  Each month has space for 8 dates or “to-do” items.  The check boxes are so you can “check off” those to-do items with […]

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3 New Printables and 5 Others Updated!

To prepare for the new teaching year, I’ve been updating a plethera of my studio documents!  I finally have them all updated here online too on the Printables > Studio Business page.  If you are interested in using any of them, feel free. The ones that are Microsoft Word documents can easily be edited to […]

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Just Added: Monthly Studio Expenses Record

Just added to the Printables > Studio Business page: Monthly Studio Expenses Record Description: This printable is designed to help track studio expenses.  Each month, a new copy of this form should be printed.  Throughout the month as expenses occur, the teacher can keep record of these expenses in the blanks provided.  Types of expenses […]

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Just Added: Student Achievements Record Printable

Just added to the Printables > Studio Business page: Student Achievements Record This printable is designed for the teacher to keep records of each students’ achievements, including the completion of music books, the completion of notable pieces of repertoire, the performance of a piece for an audience, and other achievements.  Keeping such a record is […]

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Just Added: Piano Lessons Flyer Template

Advertise for new piano students by filling in this free Piano Lessons Flyer Template! Just edit and print in Microsoft Word (.doc) and you’ll be ready to post your flyers all over town.

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Printables updated: Student Info form, and Student Interview forms

As part of my preparation for the upcoming academic year of teaching piano, I working updating all of my studio business forms.  The following three forms have just completed renovation, and are available on the Printables page: Student Information form (for all incoming students to fill out) Beginner Student Interview form (to be used while […]

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