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Scrabble Tiles in the Studio: Music Crossword Project

I just thought I’d share this idea my students and I are enjoying. Some years back, I used to run an Etsy shop selling handcrafted items. Among the things I crafted, I used to make Christmas ornaments using Scrabble tiles. I still have a ton of tiles from games I purchased for $2 at the thrift store, […]

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Piano Student Gift Ideas for Christmas/Recitals

Need inspiration for music-themed gifts for music students?  Below are photos submitted by piano teachers just like you! From Liz Hurst from Tooele, Utah: Here is my little ornament I did this year.  It is made with little wooden stars, vintage sheet music and modge podge.  Glitter glue if you want the initial and hot glued ribbon to […]

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Using YouTube During Group Classes

At my monthly group classes (we call them “Piano Parties”), I like to begin the class by showing an inspiring or humorous video on YouTube.  In the past, I’ve shown: The Piano Guys Anderson & Roe Jarrod Radnich Famous pianists, like Horowitz or Martha Argerich Piano prodigies such as George Li Last Saturday, I showed […]

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Studio Artwork Notebook update

Remember back in April when I visited Jody and her Piano Cottage?  In her waiting room area, she had a blank notebook lying around for students to draw artwork. After being inspired by Jody, I ordered a blank, hardcover notebook from Amazon for my own waiting room area. It has been a few months now, and I […]

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Ice Cream Interval Inspiration

My friend Susan Hong from Texas recently sent me a few photos, showing how she is using the Intervals Ice cream game in her studio. Susan affixed adhesive magnets to the back of each card, so they can be used on a dry erase magnet board.  She also punched holes on the side of each […]

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Forum Q&A | New Year’s Resolutions for Piano Teachers

I’ve already blogged a bit about my New Year’s Resolution.  Now it’s your turn! Our previous Q&A Forum brought about a great discussion about whether or not to lesson plan for piano lessons (and if so, how to feasibly do so even if you have a large studio).  Today, let’s start a discussion about what change you’d […]

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Teaching Tip: Count Like a Musician!

At the 2010 Michigan Music Teachers Assocation conference this weekend, our conference clinician Martha Hilley had some wise words for us that I thought I’d share here: Always be a musician, even when you are counting aloud! As she led us through some various exercises during one of the sessions, Martha Hilley encouraged us to […]

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9 Ideas for Motivating Piano Students

We have all had students who are low on motivation at one point or another. It’s not always easy to keep students practicing week after week. To make matters more complicated, every student is different: something that motivates one student might not work for the next. This post contains 9 great suggestions for increasing motivation among your piano students.

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Piano as a way to build community

Check out this fascinating news story: httpv:// It’s great to see the great potential music (especially the piano) has to connect members of a community in a unique way!  This story really got me thinking: what are some ways we as teachers of music can use our skills to connect and benefit the community?  We […]

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SUMMARY | The June Forum: Making Your Vocation A Vacation

June is over (summer is going by so quickly!!), and so is the June Forum: Making Your Vocation A Vacation topic.  Thanks for all the thought-provoking comments, all!  Here’s a summary of your comments, along with some thoughts of my own mixed in: Teach only when you want to. Don’t overdo it.  Only schedule yourself what […]

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The June Forum: Making your Vocation a Vacation

As mentioned yesterday, a new series is being introduced here at Color In My Piano: a monthly forum of sorts, where readers put their heads together a discuss various topics.  The success of this series depends on YOU, so please, type away! Without further ado, allow me to introduce the topic for the June forum: […]

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Fun tip

Today I just thought I’d share a fun little tip I learned from one of my students this week!  Yes, you read that right: she taught me.  =)  She is a young beginner student, just learning how to read music on the staff.  She informed me that she came up with a way for remembering […]

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