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Student Humor

Just a quick story to share today… I was teaching my homeschool music class this morning, and we started learning about Franz Liszt today.  After talking about his life, I played this YouTube video of Evgeny Kissin playing a Liszt etude to listen to as they colored a picture of Liszt.  As usual, I had to […]

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Some Page Turning Humor

Whew, the semester is wrapping up!  My husband and I are looking forward to graduation, although it’s certainly bittersweet.  I will really miss being in school!  We’ll be moving sometime over the next few months, although a lot is still up in the air.  For now, I can tell you we are moving to Ohio! […]

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The Melodica: Piano + Recorder?

Check out the new instrument we have at my home! I ordered this melodica on Amazon as a surprise for my husband for Valentine’s day, although I plan to make use of it too in the future. =) To play the melodica, you must blow very gently into the mouthpiece and starting pressing the keys. […]

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Music-Related Pet Names

My husband and I recently rescued a cat (pictured at right)!  We spent a lot of time thinking up a name for her.  I wanted to give her a music related name, but as it turned out, we ended up agreeing to name her “Kira.”  But for any of you who might wish to give […]

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Some Page-Turning Humor

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Best Piano Jokes

I’ve just compiled list of kid-friendly piano jokes…read on below to check them out! This compilation of piano jokes is also available as a pdf to give out to your students/parents, available on the Printables > Other Resources page. * * * Student to Teacher: “I can’t reach the brakes on this piano!” Why is […]

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Collaborative Piano Humor

In this delightfully humorous post, Billie Whittaker shares some collaborative piano humor.  She shares some humorous tendencies she has observed in collaborative pianists — such as having advanced photocopying skills, and possessing strong opinions on the ‘use of plastic music protectors’ debate.  She goes on to share some of her own quirks — such as […]

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Music/Christmas humor @ MMmusing blog

I discovered this charming video at the MMmusing blog.  Take a listen: The 12 Composers of Christmas I love all of the music humor in this!  Be sure to check out the rest of the MMmusing blog for other fun multimedia projects.

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Piano makes taking the stairs more fun!

Here’s a fun idea for making the stairs more fun to use!  Watch the video below:

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Using Adjectives to Capture the Imagination

One of the ideas I’ve been exploring extensively throughout the research I’m doing for my paper for college (the one about improvisation) is making music musical.  This seems so obvious, but really, what would music be without musicality?  Check out this video, of a robot playing the violin. Speaking of which, have you ever had […]

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Best of Summer 2009

Wow, it’s November already.  Here in Michigan, the signs of autumn’s arrival are unmistakable: I can see my breath in the morning when my husband and I ride our bikes to campus. I hauled out my warm, knee-high leather boots out from the midst of the “under-bed.” The trees are changing colors.  I just love […]

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YouTube: Jammin’ on a Giant Piano

How many of us piano teachers (and students) would love to have one of THESE in our pianos studios?!  The video below shows a couple of young professional foot piano players playing/dancing on a giant foot piano: Want to buy one?  They do indeed sell them — for just $250,000 apiece.   Start saving!!

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