New Facebook Group: Piano Teacher FunMakers

Susan Paradis recently created a brand new group on Facebook called, “Piano Teacher FunMakers.”  It is a discussion group for piano teachers who like to get students off the bench and teach music with hands-on activities.  The goal of the group is to share games that work, places to get games and activities, ways to store them, how play them in a lesson, etc.

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Susan has asked me to be a co-moderator for this awesome new group.  I hope you will consider joining us other there!

To join, click here and look for the “Join Group” button on the right.

4 thoughts on “New Facebook Group: Piano Teacher FunMakers”

  1. Joy: what an excellent idea this is ! I usually make a cd of student’s music who have grandparents who live far away and don’t get to hear their grandchildren play. It started out as a cd for a teacher who was having a baby. My student wanted to give her something that she could use for the baby more than just a few times. We took some classical music and played it up in the highest part of the piano ( where you could still understand and hear the notes softly). SHE LOVED IT ! l Now I tape Christmas music that they learn and give it to them to give to their families.

  2. I am looking and looking for the Naming Middle C position flashcards in the printables section and I am unable to find them. Please could you send me the link to the PDF? I can only find the blog posting. :-(

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