App Review: Treble Cat & Bass Cat

imagesTreble512-300x300 (1)Treble Cat & Bass Cat ($2.99 each for the iPhone versions and $3.99 each for the HD iPad versions)

These two apps are excellent for students to practice identifying notes on the staff.  It is a great pair of apps to recommend to parents/students to use at home.   I love how simple the concept of the game is — even young piano students will be able to independently use this app.

In each level, the player is given sixty seconds to find all of a given note(s) as a variety of different notes scroll across the screen.  If the player misses more than 3 notes, they must re-try that level.

treble cat

The graphics and the background music in these apps are fantastic!

Each app contains 5 “Stages” with 10 levels each.  The Treble Cat app begins with the Middle C position and gradually adds notes above that, up to high G.  Here is a list of the five different “Stages” in the Treble Cat app.  Each Stage contains 10 levels.

  • Stage 1 — Middle C position
  • Stage 2 — Adds A and B
  • Stage 3 — Adds C, D, E
  • Stage 4 – Adds F and G
  • Stage 5 — double staff

The Bass Cat app begins with Low A (first space of the staff) and gradually adds notes up to Middle C.  Please note that Stage 1 begins with the low A on the first space of the bass clef staff.  Students who are learning piano via a method book with what as known as the “Middle C approach” may be better off beginning with Stage 4 and working their way backwards.  The app allows the player to “unlock” all the levels after touching the Settings button, which will allow the player to begin at any Stage.

  • Stage 1 — First space A, B, C, D, E.
  • Stage 2 — F, G, A
  • Stage 3 — B,
  • Stage 4 — Middle C
  • Stage 5 — double staff challenge

You can read more app reviews on the Music Apps page.

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  1. Debbie Anderson
    Posted 28 July 2014 at 11:47 am | Permalink

    Thank you the great web chat!! I loved the discussion and took notes and got lots of ideas for my students. Hope you continue your music journey!!!

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