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Last time, we shared our favorite pieces of technology!  It’s never too late to add your thoughts, so feel free to jump in the conversation if you haven’t already!

This time, let’s talk about advertising.  Yesterday, I mentioned that I will be giving a presentation about marketing & technology for piano teachers in March.  I would love to learn more about what techniques piano teachers are currently using to advertise!

What kinds of advertising have you tried in the past?  What works, and what doesn’t?  How often do you advertise?  What kind of budget do you give yourself each year for advertising?  

Leave your comments below!

Photo Credit: Dominique Godbout | CC 2.0

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My Studio Sign and More

I thought today I’d share a photo of the sign I have on my house for my studio!  My brother-in-law made it for me as a birthday gift (my husband gave him the idea).  The lettering is just the right size for the window and can be seen well from the road, since our home sits pretty close to the road.  It looks very professional, and we’ve already had a few of the neighbors notice it.  :)

Before putting a business sign outside my home, I had to get a “Home Occupation Permit” from the city.  I’m sure it varies from city to city, but my permit cost $25 (I think it’s per year – or maybe longer) and it allows me to put up one sign, no larger than 12 inches by 12 inches.  I suppose that if you live in a rural area, there might not be any stipulations regarding running a business in your home or putting up a business sign — but it doesn’t hurt to check.  Most cities probably do.  Having this Home Occupation Permit gives me peace of mind!  Should a neighbor ever complain about my business for some reason (unlikely to happen, but always possible), the city would not be able to easily shut me down since I am running my business legally.   Continue reading “My Studio Sign and More”

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Teacher Feature | Diane Heath

The new month brings us a new teacher feature!  Say hello to Diane, everyone!

Please tell us about your piano and/or teaching background.

I teach part-time, with a studio of 20 – 25 students, and am also a church musician in Washington, DC.  For over twenty years I’ve taught piano and organ, as well as K – 12 class-room music, and worked extensively with children and adults in church choirs.   Additionally, there was a stretch as a creative home-schooling mom, but now I’m the parent of a college student.   My education was at  Hartt School of Music,  Indiana University, and The Levine School where I earned a certificate in Piano Pedagogy.  I’ve been privileged to study with wonderful piano teachers, including Jeffrey Chappell and Alexander Farkas. Continue reading “Teacher Feature | Diane Heath”