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Studio Business: Making a Memorable Impression

Last week, I came across a very interesting article about how your business cards are a representation of your business.  The article features a number of examples of memorable and creative business cards, including the “piano repair” business cards pictured on the right.

Click here to read the article for yourself: 15+ Business Cards Visualizing the Business.

This article got me thinking:

  • How can I make my business cards (and other studio handouts/materials) more memorable?
  • What other ways could I be using my studio “brand name?”
  • How do my studio business cards and other materials represent my business?  What image are they giving to my parents and students?

Food for thought!  =)

1 thought on “Studio Business: Making a Memorable Impression”

  1. I just had some new business cards designed this year and I’m so excited about them! What great questions for helping come up with an appropriate design. I’d love to see what you come up with for your studio!

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